Financial Literacy in Italy: What works among millennials most?

Relatore:  Alessia Sconti - Universita' di Verona
  martedì 5 novembre 2019 alle ore 12.00
The research aim is to investigate the relationship between financial literacy and behavior in the face of the growing challenge of Financial Technology. To do so, a financial education program for high school students called “Futuro Sicuro” was set-up to understand if it may change financial habits among millennials. This program provides two treatments at the class level, namely 1) a theoretical, rule-of-thumb based treatment with the presence of a financial advisor, and 2) a digitized treatment using an App and websites based on the learn-by-playing rule. The empirical research is carried out using data collected during the aforementioned program involving 650 students.

Simone Quercia

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17 ottobre 2019