Research in the rankings

The Department of Economics (DSE) coordinates theoretical and applied academic research in Economics and Statistics.
The Department has an excellent research rating by ANVUR, the Italian National Agency for the Evaluation of University and Research Systems, ranking in the top 15% of university departments in Italy in the area of Economics and Statistics.
Moreover, in the rankings by disciplinary sector, the DSE Verona takes first place in Economic Policy and the eighth place in Political Economy
Overall, DSE ranks in the top 5% (10th out of 176 departments nationally) for the number of academic staff who have publications that are all graded ‘excellent’, and is in the top 6% for the percentage of academic staff who have at least one publication graded ‘excellent’ (more than half of the professors in the Department).
Based on the number of citations referring to publications by its academic staff, the Department of Economics ranks within the top 10% of Italian research departments and entities on REpEc (Research Papers in Economics), 

Areas of research

The Department’s areas of research are:

Department by the numbers

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Anno di riferimento: 2021.