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Research interests
Topic Description Research area
JEL C61 - Optimization Techniques; Programming Models; Dynamic Analysis Covers theory and methods for optimization problems. Linear programming and mathematical programming. Vector optimization and duality models. Economic applications to the problems of optimal investment choices under conditions of uncertainty and portfolio optimization. Estimation of the parameters of financial models including a risk-neutral assumption and calibration of the models. Stochastic optimization for finding estimators of the volatility of a semimartingale with jumps. Quantitative Methods for Economics
Mathematical Methods; Programming Models; Mathematical and Simulation Modeling
JEL D13 - Household Production and Intrahousehold Allocation Study of theoretical and empirical models for the analysis of collective choices within the family. Analysis of economic models related to consumption choices, family production, allocation of time, and family work offer. Study of bargaining mechanisms at family level and definition of decision-making powers within the family, endogenous fixation of prices and shadow wages. Welfare and Collective Choice
Household Behavior and Family Economics
JEL D63 - Equity, Justice, Inequality, and Other Normative Criteria and Measurement Analysis and evaluation of welfare effect of public policies. Measurement of inequality, poverty and well-being. Also includes applications of criteria of distributive justice for the analysis of income distribution and both social and economic conditions of individuals and families. Study of polarization of income, segregation and discrimination. Analysis of innovative visions of social justice, particularly in urban areas. Welfare and Collective Choice
Welfare Economics
JEL D81 - Criteria for Decision-Making under Risk and Uncertainty Theoretical study of decision-making under risk and uncertainty. It includes, also, models of risk measurement, evaluation of the effects of policies and economic choices under uncertain contexts. Multidimensional analysis of individual risk attitudes and its applications in the areas of risk sharing and analysis of the distribution of risks at the social level. Welfare and Collective Choice
Information, Knowledge, and Uncertainty
Title Starting date
Stima del benessere sociale in modelli colletivi e comparabilità tra persone 12/1/17
Immigrati: effetti sul mercato del lavoro e sul benessere nell'area vicentina 12/1/16
Qualità della vita e salute: un'analisi multidimensionale 7/1/13
Assegno: Convessità generalizzata in ottimizzazione vettoriale e nelle applicazioni economiche 4/1/12
Assegno: Dualità Langrangiana in Ottimizzazione Vettoriale. Applicazioni economiche 10/1/08