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Date Seminar Seminar series
9/26/24 Mathias Klein (Sveriges RiksBank)
Timetable: h 12:30 | Speaker: Mathias Klein (Sveriges RiksBank)
Department Seminar Series
7/4/24 Thomas Krabichler - OST - Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences, Centre for Banking & Finance
Timetable: h 12:00 | Speaker: Thomas Krabichler (OST - Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences, Centre for Banking & Finance)
Department Seminar Series
6/27/24 Simon Siegenthaler ( University of Texas at Dallas)
Timetable: h 12:00 | Speaker: Simon Siegenthaler (University of Texas at Dallas)
Department Seminar Series
6/26/24 Giulia Livieri - London School of Economics and Political Science
Timetable: h 12:00 | Speaker: Giulia Livieri (London School of Economics and Political Science)
Department Seminar Series
6/19/24 Massimo Anelli - Bocconi University
Timetable: h 12:00 | Speaker: Massimo Anelli (Bocconi University)
Department Seminar Series
6/18/24 Brown Bag Seminar: Umberto Nizza
Timetable: h 12:00  Aula Vaona | Speaker: Umberto Nizza (University of Verona)
Brown bag seminar
6/13/24 Moti Michaeli, University of Haifa
Timetable: h 12:00 | Speaker: Moti Michaeli (University of Haifa)
Department Seminar Series
6/11/24 Brown Bag Seminar: J. Geller
Timetable: h 12:00 | Speaker: J. Geller (Kohlpharma)
Brown bag seminar
6/6/24 Andrea De Polis - Warwick Business School
Timetable: h 12:00 | Speaker: Andrea De Polis (Warwick Business School)
Department Seminar Series
5/30/24 Davide Dragone - University of Bologna
Timetable: | Speaker: Davide Dragone (University of Bologna)
Department Seminar Series
5/28/24 Brown Bag Seminar: Income-Related Inequity in Healthcare Delivery: Concept, Measurement and Recent Trends Among Working-Age Americans
Timetable: h 12:00 | Speaker: José Escarce (UCLA)
Brown bag seminar
5/23/24 The Effects of Sin Taxes and Advertising Restrictions in a Dynamic Equilibrium (joint with Rossi Abi-Rafeh, Rachel Griffith, and Martin O’Connell
Timetable: h 12:00 | Speaker: Pierre Dubois (TSE)
Department Seminar Series
5/22/24 Brown Bag Seminar: Why Don’t You Take a Leaf Out of Her Book? An Experiment on Social Search
Timetable: h 12:00 | Speaker: Michela Boldrini (Bocconi University)
Brown bag seminar
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