International business and management (2015/2016)

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Paolo Roffia
Paolo Roffia
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primo semestre dal 28-set-2015 al 8-gen-2016.

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[Corso tenuto in lingua inglese]
The aim of the course is to present international business and management in a comprehensive and complete framework.
Terminology, theories and adequate examples will be given to students in order to approach at the topic with a "real" holistic way.


- Globalization
- Cross-cultural business
- Political law and business ethics
- Economics andemerging markets
- International trade
- Business government trade relations
- Foreign direct investments
- Regional economic integration
- International financial markets
- International monetary system
- International strategy organization
- Analyzing international opportunities
- Selectiong and managing entry modes
- Developing and marketing products
- Managimg international operations
- Hiring and managing employees

1. Textbook: John Wild, Kenneth L. Wild, International Business, Pearson Education Limited; Global ed of 7th revised ed edizione (7 marzo 2013), 480 pages, English language, ISBN-10: 0273786970, ISBN-13: 978-0273786979. Available on and other online bookshop.
2. Course slides. Available on e-learning platform (

Modalità d'esame

The language of the examination is English.
Online registration is required.
The exam includes open questions and multiple choice questions for a maximum score of 30 points. The student may ask for an additional oral examination to modify max +/- 3 points the previous score.
2 more points may be given to students that have PASS the BUSINESS PLAN MODULE (2 ECTS - 12 hours) that is planned between November and December (not available for ERASMUS students).

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