Brown Bag Seminar: "Mothers' and Daughters’ Employment in Europe. A Comparative Analysis"

Speaker:  Eleonora Matteazzi - Università di Verona
  Tuesday, March 29, 2022 at 12:00 PM

This paper analyzes the intergenerational correlation of employment between young women (at about 30 years of age) and their mothers (when their daughters were about 14 years old), using 2011 EU-SILC data. It examines the extent to which this correlation varies across 19 European countries and is associated with the socioeconomic context at the national level. Having grown up with a working mother is associated with a sizeable increase in the daughters’ employment probability in almost all the countries, with greater effect for women with children. For this group, the intergenerational correlation is smaller in countries where the policy context is less favorable to maternal employment. It is crucial to promote gender equality, challenging individuals’ gender stereotypes through education and in society at large, and create conditions that allow young women’s preferences for work to be realized, enhancing policies that favor a balanced sharing of unpaid work.  

Programme Director
Simone Quercia

External reference
Publication date
March 8, 2022