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Date Seminar Seminar series
6/16/21 Ola Olsson (University of Gothenburg) on Land Property Rights, Cadasters, and Economic Growth: 1000-2015 CE
Timetable: h 12:00  Zoom webinar: | Speaker: Ola Olsson (University of Gothenburg)
Department Seminar Series
10/6/21 Judith Rousseau (Dept. of Statistics, University of Oxford)
Timetable: h 12:00 | Speaker: Judith Rousseau (University of Oxford)
Department Seminar Series
10/20/21 Lorenzo Schoenleber (Collegio Carlo Alberto, Torino),
Timetable: h 12:00  Zoom Webinar: | Speaker: Lorenzo Schoenleber (Collegio Carlo Alberto, Torino)
Department Seminar Series
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