Specialised Degree in the Economics of banks and financial markets

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This degree comes after the three-year degree Bachelor's degree in Business Administration (category 17) (until 2008-2009).

Course curriculum: training activities divided by year of enrollment
Year Credits TTA Activity Academic year of attendance
B Bilancio delle banche - Bank budgeting (SECS-P/07) 2008/2009
B Diritto commerciale avanzato - Business law (advanced) (IUS/04) 2008/2009
10  B Economia e tecnica dei mercati finanziari - Financial markets (SECS-P/11) 2008/2009
10  B Economia monetaria internazionale - International Monetary Economics (SECS-P/01) 2008/2009
B Finanza aziendale - Corporate finance (SECS-P/09) 2008/2009
B Statistica dei mercati finanziari - Financial statistics (SECS-S/03) 2008/2009
10  C Diritto dei mercati finanziari - Financial Market Law (IUS/05) 2008/2009
C Storia della moneta e della banca - History of Money and Banks (SECS-P/12) 2008/2009
D A scelta dello studente (laurea specialistica) - Free students choice (LS) (-) 2011/2012
B Analisi degli equilibri gestionali della banca - Banks' financial statements and analysis (SECS-P/11) 2009/2010
10  B Economia degli intermediari finanziari - Financial markets and Institutions (SECS-P/11) 2009/2010
B Economia e gestione della banca - Bank management (SECS-P/11) 2009/2010
B Fondamenti di gestione di portafoglio - Bases of portfolio management (SECS-S/06) 2009/2010
10  B Private e corporate banking - Private and corporate banking (SECS-P/11) 2009/2010
C Sistemi informativi negli intermediari finanziari - Information Systems in Brokerage (INF/01) 2009/2010
20  E Prova finale (laurea specialistica) - Final test (LS) (-) 2009/2010