Economics Department Council

Giam Pietro Cipriani
Type of body
Departmental council
1. The duties of the Department Council are:
a) to elect the Department Director;
b) to indicate general criteria for the use of departmental funds;
c) to indicate criteria for the coordinated use of staff, means and tools available;
d) to approve, on the Director's proposal, the forecast budget, the final balance, requests for financing and employing staff as laid down in paragraph 3 of art. 6.;
e) to formulate proposals for employing professors and specific position requests made by professors and researchers. When this involves full or temporary professors, only these categories may participate in the voting; when it involves assistant professors, only full, temporary and assistant professors may participate. The categories excluded from the voting may, however, assist;
f) to express opinions and proposals on University development programmes;
g) to discipline the use of the Department's common resources, ensuring that all the members of the department can access them and to evaluate, also in relation to their availability, the use of said resources by external members and institutions that the Council itself has indicated.