Financial accounting (2020/2021)

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Learning outcomes

The course aims to develop the knowledge on foundation and interpretation of the financial statements in the perspective of national legislation and international accounting standards, considering general principles of foundation, classification and evaluation criteria and the techniques of financial statement analysis and interpretation. The aim of this course is to improve awareness on the process for identifying income and capital as a pivotal lever for companies’ management and a way to identify the conditions of income, financial and capital equilibrium. The course also aims to improve the student’s skills necessary to face concrete problems related to the foundation and analysis of the financial statement. At the end of the course the student must demonstrate the capability to take the main classification and evaluation choices as starting point to draft a financial statement; the ability to carry out a financial statement analysis (financial statement reclassification, indexes calculation and flows calculation); the capability to read, understand and interpret the analyzed financial statement. Accordingly, the various topics into the program are developed also by presenting exercises, business cases, and examples built on real situations.