Communication Lab for press office and PR (in Italian) (2020/2021)

Course partially running (all years except the first)

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Paola Signori
Paola Signori
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Learning outcomes

This Communication Lab offers an operational approach to business communication. Based on marketing theoretical fundamentals, students will understand tools and tecniques to create more effectice messages, in particular focused on Public Relations and Press Office activities.


- Marketing Communications fundamentals
- Press Release creation
- PR and Media relations
- Content creation
- Copywriting
- Communications tools and techniques

Teaching methods: initially frontal lessons to learn fundamentals, then case studies and experts will conduct project groups for working together on real examples.

This Communication Lab will start Nov, the 2nd to the end of the semester (December 2020).
Timing: 24 hours, every Wednesday afternoon + individual study and project works
Organizer: Confindustria Vicenza, Piazza Castello 3, Vicenza
Expert lecturers: Dott. Simone Bonini; Dott. Simone Sinico.

Suggested reading:
- Peter Berger, Thomas Luckmann, La realtà come costruzione sociale, Il Mulino, Bologna 1997.
- Robert B. Cialdini, Le armi della persuasione, Giunti, Firenze 2013 (ed. orig. Influence. The Psychology of Persuasion, 1984).
- Seth Godin, La mucca viola, Sperling & Kupfer, Milano 2015 (ed. orig. Purple Cow, 2003)
- Erving Goffman, La vita quotidiana come rappresentazione, Il Mulino, Bologna 1997.
- Paolo Iabichino, Invertising: Ovvero, se la pubblicità cambia il suo senso di marcia, Guerini e Associati, Milano 2009.
- Paolo Iabichino, Existential marketing. I consumatori comprano-Gli individui scelgono, Hoepli, Milano 2014.
- Daniel Kahneman, Pensieri lenti e veloci, Mondadori, Milano 2012 (ed. orig. Thinking, Fast and Slow, 2011).
- Giuseppe Morici, Fare marketing rimanendo brave persone, Feltrinelli, Milano 2014.
- Simon Sinek, David Mead, Peter Docker, Trova il tuo perché, Vallardi, Milano 2018 (ed. orig. Find your why, 2017).
- Chris Voss, Tahl Raz, Volere troppo e ottenerlo. Le nuove regole della negoziazione, Vallardi, Milano 2017.

Assessment methods and criteria

3 ECTS (CFU) will be assigned only if participants attend to 80% of the lessons and develop the final project work. It will be conducted in groups of max 4 students, and it consists in producing one or more documents useful to solve a specific case study's communication problem. Lecturers will coordinate this final assignment giving more instructions to participants.