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Lesson timetable

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Learning outcomes

This seminar series is part of a broader project meant to improve social wellbeing in the Veneto region thanks to workshops on financial and economic education. In particular, this series includes 12 seminars managed by professors of the Department of Business and Management and the Department of Economics, about topics of specific interest in Economics, but of general interest for everyday life.

Involved institutions: promoted by the Veneto Region and implemented by the University of Verona, in cooperation with the other Universities in Veneto (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, IUAV University of Venice, University of Padova).
Users: Bachelor's and Master's students of the School of Economics and Management.


The 12 lectures will be covered in remote mode during the first semester of the academic year 2020/21. Registration is required through the website www.ilfuturoconta.it for each single lecture that the student plans to attend. The topics covered are identical and presented both in Verona and in Vicenza, usually on Tuesday in Vicenza and on Thursday in Verona. The full schedule follows, with an indication for each lecture of the speaker, the title of the lecture and the link for the registration.
Beware: all the lectures are held in Italian.

VERONA (time 16:30-18:30)
VR01. Thursday 01/10/20 (Prof. Alessandro Bucciol) "Saper Scegliere"

VR02. Friday 09/10/20 (Dott. Benedetta Merola) "Finanziare il non profit"

VR03. Thursday 15/10/20 (Prof. Roberto Ricciuti) "Anatomia di una crisi bancaria: la Banca Popolare di Vicenza"

VR04. Friday 16/10/20 (Dott. Alessia Sconti) "Finanza Comportamentale: quanto (ir)razionale sei?"

VR05. Thursday 22/10/20 (Dott. Andrea Beggiato) "Tra tasse e fisco"

VR06. Thursday 29/10/20 (Prof. Alessandro Sommacal) "Pensione: pensiamoci subito"

VR07. Thursday 05/11/20 (Prof. Luca Zarri) "Trappole mentali, gioco d’azzardo e ludopatie"

VR08. Thursday 12/11/20 (Prof. Riccardo Tessari) "Vivere sostenibilmente"

VR09. Friday 13/11/20 (Dott. Andrea Beggiato) "Start-up innovative e giovani imprenditori"

VR10. Thursday 19/11/20 (Prof. Luigi Grossi) "Le regolarità empiriche osservate sui mercati finanziari: scienza o magia?"

VR11. Thursday 26/11/20 (Prof. Francesca Rossignoli) "Chi c'è dietro l'impresa?"

VR12. Thursday 03/12/20 (Prof. Marcella Veronesi) "Bilancio familiare"

VICENZA (time 16:30-18:30)
VI01. Friday 02/10/20 (Prof. Alessandro Bucciol) "Saper Scegliere"

VI02. Tuesday 06/10/20 (Prof. Roberto Ricciuti) "Anatomia di una crisi bancaria: la Banca Popolare di Vicenza"

VI03. Tuesday 13/10/20 (Dott. Alessia Sconti) "Finanza Comportamentale: quanto (ir)razionale sei?"

VI04. Tuesday 20/10/20 (Prof. Luca Zarri) "Trappole mentali, gioco d’azzardo e ludopatie"

VI05. Friday 23/10/20 (Dott. Benedetta Merola) "Finanziare il non profit"

VI06. Tuesday 27/10/20 (Prof. Claudio Zoli) "Pensione: pensiamoci subito"

VI07. Tuesday 03/11/20 (Prof. Luigi Grossi) "Le regolarità empiriche osservate sui mercati finanziari: scienza o magia?"

VI08. Friday 06/11/20 (Dott. Andrea Beggiato) "Tra tasse e fisco"

VI09. Tuesday 10/11/20 (Prof. Marcella Veronesi) "Bilancio familiare"

VI10. Tuesday 17/11/20 (Prof. Francesca Rossignoli) "Chi c'è dietro l'impresa?"

VI11. Friday 20/11/20 (Prof. Riccardo Tessari) "Vivere sostenibilmente"

VI12. Tuesday 24/11/20 (Dott. Andrea Beggiato) "Start-up innovative e giovani imprenditori"

Assessment methods and criteria

The final exam consists in a written essay focusing on one of the topics discussed in the seminars. The essay must be 2000-4000 words long, and has to be sent by email to the course coordinator (email: alessandro.bucciol@univr.it) in any moment between having attended at least 6 lectures and the end of the winter session of exams.

Expected hourly burden: about 50 hours (2 CFU) and 75 hours (3 CFU).

Students will acquire:
- 2 CFU, obtainable attending at least 6 out of 12 seminars
- 3 CFU, obtainable attending at least 9 out of 12 seminars
Meeting attendance will be verified through the log file of access to the videoconference.
Credits will be given in two separate moments, before November 15 and at the end of the winter session of exams (February 12). Please contact the course coordinator in case of specific needs.

Beware! In case the essay is submitted after February 12, it will be no longer possible to receive the CFUs.