Basis of Microeconomics (2006/2007)

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Teaching is organised as follows:
Unit Credits Academic sector Period Academic staff
lezione 5 SECS-P/01-ECONOMICS 2° sem lez Riccardo Fiorentini

Learning outcomes

Module: lezione
This course presents the basics of neoclassical theory of consumer, firm, and market behavior.


Module: lezione
1) The methodology of microeconomics
2) Consumers' choices under budget constraint
3) Preferences and utility
4) Demand and market equilibria
5) Production and technology
6) The maximizing behaviour of firms
7) Firm and industry supply
8) The monopoly
9) Game theory
10) Production and market exchange under general equilibrium

Assessment methods and criteria

Module: lezione
Written exams with optional orals

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
BERGSTROM T.C. - VARIAN H.R. Esercizi di microeconomia Cafoscarina 1998
VARIAN H.R. Microeconomia (Edizione 5) Cafoscarina 2002 8885613799