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Firms longevity and vitality

The research group intends to investigate the phenomenon of company longevity closely linked to the vitality that the same firm is able to express. In fact the condition of company longevity can not be manifested without specific vitality connotations of the same enterprise. In particular, the research team aims: - to clarify the concepts of longevity and vitality for which there are different interpretations in the academic literature and in company practice; - to identify and highlight the longevity factors of that companies that are able to survive over time by showing the ability to face and overcome critical situations arising both from internal dynamics and from the environmental context; - to identify the vitality factors of long-lived and young companies highlighting any existing relationships between these factors that can support the creation of a framework; - to deepen the vision of long-lived companies in relation to future managerial challenges.
Chiara Rossato
Assistant Professor (Department Management)
Paola Castellani
Assistant Professor (Department Management)
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Communication and diversity management Comunicazione aziendale Corporate communication
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