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Financing firms’ networks

Network contracts are very useful tools to increase the size of companies and make them more competitive. In Italy every year an increasing number of companies communicate that they entered a network. The research involves the study of the main characteristics of network contracts in Italy. The study is carried out in two ways. On the one hand, cases analysis in order to verify the advantages that the companies in the network achieve. On the other hand, we intend to consider the differences in performance between companies in the network and companies that are very similar in terms of sector, size and geographical proximity that operate without entering a network of companies.In particular, the research group aims to identify whether the companies in the networks have obtained better financing conditions from the markets and the intermediaries.
Giuseppina Chesini
Associate Professor (Department Management)
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Digitalization of bank processes and products Gestione degli intermediari finanziari Management of financial institutions
Stock exchange evolution and performance Mercati finanziari Financial markets
Depositor protection schemes Gestione degli intermediari finanziari Management of financial institutions
Covered bonds Mercati finanziari Financial markets
Private equity Finanza aziendale Corporate finance
Dividend policy Finanza aziendale Corporate finance
Networks and financial performance Finanza aziendale Corporate finance