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Brown bag seminar

Luigi Grossi

Next Seminars
Date Time Title Supervisor
6/7/23 12:00 PM Research Fair @ Brown Bag Seminar Series (Part I) Various Professors - Universirty of Verona
6/12/23 12:00 PM Research Fair @ Brown Bag Seminar Series (Part II) Various Professors - Universirty of Verona

Seminars which have already taken place
Date Time Title Supervisor
5/23/23 12:00 PM Brown Bag Seminar: Information Design with Optimal Frame Choice Federico Innocenti - University of Verona
5/9/23 12:00 PM Brown Bag Seminar: Pre Analysis Plan: The effects of monetary vs non-monetary incentives on household waste. Maurizio Malpede - University of Verona
4/18/23 12:00 PM Brown Bag Seminar: Who should get money? Estimating welfare weights in the U.S. Francesco Capozza - Erasmus University Rotterdam
4/17/23 1:00 PM Increasing youth turnout using behavioral insights: Evidence from a large-scale experiment in France Rustam Romaniuc - Montpellier Business School
4/4/23 12:00 PM Brown Bag: Platform liability and innovation Leonardo Madio - University of Padova
3/29/23 1:00 PM Aula SMT07 Cristiano Chiamulera: Virtual Reality come tecnologia per una modellistica innovativa e traslazionale: le ricerche del NeuroPsychopharmacology Lab Cristiano Chiamulera - University of Verona
3/28/23 12:00 PM Brown Bag Seminar: Biological Age and Inequality ALESSANDRO STECCANELLA - Universirty of Verona
3/21/23 12:00 PM Brown Bag Seminar: “No Man is an Island”: An Empirical Study on Team Formation and Performance Alessandra Allocca - Universirty of Verona
3/7/23 12:00 PM Brown Bag Seminar: "Search, Data, and Market Power" Christian Groh - University of Mannheim
2/21/23 12:00 PM Brown Bag Seminar: "Drift burst test statistic in the presence of infinite variation jump" Cecilia Mancini - Universirty of Verona
12/13/22 12:00 PM Aula Vaona Brown Bag Seminar: "Global money supply and commodity prices: A TV-MS-VAR approach" Giorgio Vocalelli - Universirty of Verona
12/1/22 12:00 PM Brown Bag Seminar: "Exchange-Rate Regimes and Exporter-Importers" Cosimo Petracchi - Brown University
11/29/22 1:00 PM Brown Bag Seminar: "Measuring the Climate Transition Risk Spillover" Jerry Yang - Universidad Complutense de Madrid
11/15/22 12:00 PM Brown Bag Seminar: "The multi-regional impact of the CIS Taranto investment project using the multi-regional input-output model for Italy" Darlington Agbonifi - University of Verona
10/25/22 12:00 PM Brown Bag Seminar: "Understanding Opposition to Immigration: News Media and Emotions" Simone Quercia - Universirty of Verona
10/18/22 12:00 PM Brown Bag Seminar: "Should I stay or should I go? Senatorial absenteeism and the determinants of lawmaking productivity" Umberto Nizza - Universirty of Verona
9/13/22 12:00 PM Brown Bag Seminar: "Pricing options on flow forwards by neural networks in Hilbert space" Nils-Christian Detering - University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB)
6/21/22 12:00 PM Link zoom: Brown Bag Seminar: "Does access to regular work affect immigrants’ integration outcomes? Evidence from an Italian amnesty program" Simona Fiore - Università di Verona
6/7/22 12:00 PM In presenza + zoom. Link: Brown Bag Seminar: "The real effect of the latent (de)leverage pressure" Tibor Pal
5/24/22 12:00 PM Brown Bag Seminar: "Spillovers of Price Regulations: evidence from the AMNOG Reform in Germany" Giovanni Righetti - Università di Verona
4/26/22 12:00 PM Brown Bag Seminar: "The covid-19 pandemic and school closure in Italy: Learning loss in mathematics in primary education" Lucia Schiavon - Università di Verona
4/12/22 12:00 PM Brown Bag Seminar: "Selective Exposure Reduces Voluntary Contributions: Experimental Evidence from the German Internet Panel" Federico Innocenti - University of Mannheim
3/29/22 12:00 PM Brown Bag Seminar: "Mothers' and Daughters’ Employment in Europe. A Comparative Analysis" Eleonora Matteazzi - Università di Verona
12/14/21 12:00 PM In presenza + Zoom Webinar. Brown Bag Seminar: "The Dark Side of Batteries: Education and Cobalt Mining in the Democratic Republic of the Congo" Maurizio Malpede - Bocconi University
11/16/21 12:00 PM Brown Bag Seminar: "Tropical Attitudes in Strategic Interactions under Ignorance" Piefrancesco Guarino - Università di Verona
10/19/21 12:00 PM Brown Bag Seminar: "How Experience Shapes Third-Party Punishment Through the Change of Social Norms Perceptions and Emotions" Katarina Cellarova - Masaryk University
5/25/21 12:00 PM Zoom link: Brown Bag:"Does the Time Allocated to Study Increase Math Performance? A Gender Perspective" Eleonora Matteazzi - Università di Verona
5/11/21 12:00 PM Zoom link: Brown Bag Seminar: "Detecting strategic capacity withholding through a synthetic supply approach - Cui Prodest?" Francesco Rossetto
4/13/21 12:00 PM Zoom link: Common dynamic factors for cryptocurrencies and multiple pair-trading statistical arbitrages Marco Patacca - Università di Verona
3/30/21 12:00 PM Zoom link: Brown Bag Seminar: "An Economic Analysis of ‘Quota 90’" Roberto Ricciuti
3/9/21 12:00 PM Zoom link: Brown Bag Seminar: "A unified skew-normal geostatistical factor model" Marco Minozzo - Università di Verona
2/23/21 12:00 PM The liquidity uncertainty premium puzzle Ilaria Gianstefani - IMT Lucca
2/9/21 12:00 PM Navigable rivers and transport infrastructure in the Democratic Republic of the Congo Vania Licio - Università di Verona
1/12/21 12:00 PM Temperature shocks, rice production, and migration in Vietnamese households Adelaide Baronchelli
12/15/20 12:00 PM Export dynamics from input trade liberalisation: The role of import wholesaling services Michele Imbruno
10/20/20 12:00 PM Kids Economy at the Kindergarten Alessia Sconti
10/13/20 12:00 PM Brown Bag Seminar (Vincenzo Prete) Vincenzo Prete
6/23/20 Brown Bag Seminar (Athena Picarelli) Athena Picarelli - Universita' di Verona
6/9/20 11:00 AM Katarina Cellarova on "Strategic vs. in-group motives of bystander to intervene" Katarina Cellarova - Masaryk University
5/26/20 11:00 AM Umberto Nizza on "Are international criminal courts’ decisions affected by legal origins? Evidence from ICC/ICTY/ICTR" Umberto Nizza - Universita' di Verona
2/18/20 12:00 PM Export promotion with heterogeneous firms. Incentives for quality and collective reputation Angelo Zago - Universita' di Verona
1/21/20 12:00 PM Mr. Keynes and the "Classics"; A Suggested Re-interpretation Cosimo Petracchi - Brown University
11/26/19 12:00 PM Social Preferences under the Shadow of the Future Simone Quercia - Universita' di Verona
11/5/19 12:00 PM Financial Literacy in Italy: What works among millennials most? Alessia Sconti - Universita' di Verona
10/29/19 12:00 PM Multiple curve modeling with CBI processes Guillaume Szulda
10/15/19 12:00 PM Trade and Domestic Policies in Models with Monopolistic Competition Alessia Campolmi - Universita' di Verona
5/7/19 12:00 PM Sala Vaona Stochastic clock methods for trade duration in option pricing Lorenzo Torricelli