Giovanna D'Inverno (University of Leuven) on "Sub-National Service Provision and Public Spending Analysis"

Speaker:  Giovanna D'Inverno - Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Leuven
  Monday, September 23, 2019 at 12:00 PM Polo Santa Marta, Via Cantarane 24, Sala Vaona
Local and regional governments represent the nearest form of government to the people and their fundamental role in addressing citizens' needs is acknowledged worldwide. In line with the subsidiarity principle, the responsibility of the public good and service delivery is primarily upon the territorial administrations closer to the citizens, with the main advantage of offering more suitable and better tailored solutions at local level. In a context of scarce resources and tight budget constraints exacerbated by the ongoing economic crisis, the achievement of these goals is limited and needs to be pursued in an efficient and effective way. Accordingly, the development of tools to evaluate the performance of local and regional government is required, as well as measures to monitor the progress of the task achievement and instruments to support over time the decisional process, in the interest of all the involved shareholders, specially policy makers and citizens, international and civil society organisations.
This dissertation contributes to the knowledge on basic service delivery and public expenditure analysis at sub-national level. Particularly, it deals with the provision of both general and specific services, namely the education and water sector ones. From a methodological point of view, innovative methods are proposed to evaluate the service supply and public spending in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.To show the potentiality of the suggested tools, empirical applications are proposed covering two EU countries, Belgium and Italy, which are interesting study cases for their common and peculiar features and provide complementary insights.

The seminar will be delivered in Italian.

Programme Director
Giam Pietro Cipriani

Publication date
September 9, 2019