Rolf Aaberge (Statistics Norway) on "Deconstruction of inequality measures"

Speaker:  Rolf Aaberge - Statistics Norway
  Monday, September 14, 2015 at 1:30 PM Aula C, Palazzo Economia
The aim of the paper is to bring out the implications of adopting the median as a dividing line for measuring poverty, affluence and tail-heaviness. The focus is on “well-off” countries where poverty is a minority, rather than a majority, phenomenon, and where poverty lines have typically been expressed as proportions of the median. At the other end of the scale, rich people are found in all countries, but less attention has been paid to the definition of cut-offs for affluence, and we show how a parallel set of measures may be constructed. The concept of tail-heaviness is demonstrated to fit more naturally with measures of inequality and forms a useful basis for deconstructing measures of inequality with regard to poverty and affluence.

Programme Director
Eugenio Peluso

External reference
Luigi Grossi

Publication date
February 24, 2015