Kurt Dopfer on Evolutionary System Economics: Analytics and Theory

Speaker:  Kurt Dopfer - School of Economics and Political Science, Universität St. Gallen
  Monday, January 14, 2013 at 12:30 PM Aula E, Palazzo di Economia

The lecture discusses a unified rule approach to economics.  Carriers of rules are agents and commodities defined in their characteristics as subjects and objects.  Contrary to mainstream economics both entities are carriers of heterogeneous and mutable rules.  Based on these assumptions a fresh look is taken at the theoretical question of structure and of evolutionary change.  Rejecting the received course of aggregating micro into macro, the concept of ‘meso’ will be introduced when tackling these questions.  The emerging micro-meso-macro architecture is shown to be an appropriate theoretical underpinning for multi-agent and related modeling.

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Andrea Roventini

Publication date
November 23, 2012