Catia Scricciolo

CS,  June 2, 2018
Associate Professor
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PE1_14 - Statistics

Santa Marta,  Floor 1,  Room 1.25
+39 045 802 8341
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Office Hours

Wednesday 08:30--09:30

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Associate Professor of Statistics at Università di Verona since 2015. She previously was Assistant Professor in Statistics at Università Bocconi of Milano. She earned a degree in Statistics from Università "La Sapienza" di Roma and received a Ph.D. in Statistics from Università di Padova. Her research activity is focused on Statistical Inference, in particular on Bayesian Nonparametric Inference.
Topic Description Research area
MSC 62F15 - Bayesian inference Bayesian theory of function estimation in nonparametric statistical models, including the study of credible sets to provide a data-driven quantification of the uncertainty for point estimators. Analysis also covers inverse problems, such as deconvolution, wherein the object of interest has to be recovered from indirect noisy observations. Quantitative Methods for Economics
Parametric inference
MSC 62G20 - Asymptotic properties Analysis of likelihood-based procedures: - consistency and rates of convergence of nonparametric maximum likelihood estimators in Hellinger distance; - theory of frequentist asymptotic properties for nonparametric Bayes procedures, including general contraction rate results for posterior distributions, adaptive estimation and coverage properties of nonparametric credible sets. Quantitative Methods for Economics
Nonparametric inference

Catia Scricciolo
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