Vania Licio

fotoprofilo,  October 22, 2018
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Thursday, Hours 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM,   Complesso Universitario (Vicenza), Floor 3, room 
Giovedì a Vicenza nei giorni delle lezioni
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Research interests
Topic Description Research area
JEL F14 - Country and Industry Studies of Trade Empirical research in international trade consists in investigating and estimating the international exchange of goods and factor services using both macro and micro data. The focus of research is the analysis of the inter-industry trade between dissimilar countries, intra-industry trade between similar countries, bilateral patterns of international trade, frictions to trade and bilateral trade barriers, differences between predictions of theory and measured bilateral trade flows (missing trade), specialisation within products and industries, trade liberalisation and protection, trade policy and international trade agreements. Macroeconomics, International Economics and Development
JEL F63 - Economic Development Research in economic development consists in investigating long-term growth. Inside economic development, research on the economic impacts of Globalization investigates effects of a more integrated world in terms (among the others) of: exports and imports, trade liberalization, productivity, outsourcing, foreign direct investments. Macroeconomics, International Economics and Development
Economic Impacts of Globalization
JEL N7 - Transport, Trade, Energy, Technology, and Other Services Trade, infrastructures and transport from a diachronic point of view in Veneto between modern and contemporary age. Persistence of historical infrastructure networks on current economic and commercial development. Economic History
Transport, Trade, Energy, Technology, and Other Services
Title Starting date
Troops, camels and trucks: the effects of historical and modern transport infrastructure 9/15/18
Struttura e dinamica dell'internazionalizzazione della provincia di Vicenza 9/15/17