Business law (2020/2021)

Course partially running (all years except the first)

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Federica Pasquariello
Federica Pasquariello
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secondo semestre (lauree) dal Feb 15, 2021 al Jun 1, 2021.

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Learning outcomes

The course aims to address the study of the subject of the firm (particular case and discipline), of the companies (general definition and functional and organizational types, extraordinary operations), of credit instruments, providing the conceptual and methodological bases for a correct interpretation of the subject and also favoring a holistic approach to the same. At the end of the lessons, the student will have to demonstrate to have acquired a general knowledge of the thematic areas, to know correctly use the specialized legal language, the method and the legal reasoning learned, as well as to know how to combine and apply the legal rules known to derive from them a reasonable rule of judgment of the individual case.


Main items:
- italian regulation of farms and commercial firms
- debt securities
- Companies’ Law
- Corporates’ Law
- Shareholders’ rights
- Companies groups
- extaordinaries Operations

Company law: AA.VV., Manuale di diritto commerciale, a cura di M. Cian, Giappichelli, 2019 ( excepted pages.: 2019 ( escluse le pagg.: 92-102; 107-160; 201-307; from 675-to the end )
G Meruzzi, Complemento di diritto commerciale, 1 and 2,Egea, 2019

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Giovanni Meruzzi Complemento di diritto commerciale, vol. 1 (impresa, società in generale, società di persone) e vol. 2 (società di capitali e cooperative) - Seconda edizione (Edizione 2) Egea 2019
Cian Manuale di diritto commerciale 2019

Assessment methods and criteria

To be defined, according to University guidelines.
Writen exam.
No midterm test will take place