Master's degree in Economics and Commerce (category 64/S) (until 2008-2009)

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In the academic year 2007-08 at the end of the three-year study cycle of Economics and Business Studies a specialized degree course in Economics and Business Studies will start. This study course provides the completing phase for the three-year study course of the same name in "Economics and Business Studies", and will enable students to furhter their knowledge and develop further skills in two different specializations: company management and Economics and Finance. To this end, the course aims to train students to develop a good command of mathematical-statistical tools; of the principles and institutions of the national and community legal systems; to develop a high level of knowledge of company and economic analysis and of economic and company policy. The "Economic-financial" curriculum will further develop students' knowledge of economic theories, analytical and quantitative and analytical methodologies for understanding the national and international economic and financial phenomena enabling graduates to elaborate interpretative models of the actual contexts he or she has observed. The "Company management" curriculum further develops the skilled use of analytical tools for interpreting company phenomena and for identifying development strategies; in addition, it provides further knowledge on legal institutions which is essential for governing companies. The specialzed knowledge is further developed along lines chosen by each individual student in a final dissertation, which will be a third of the work required in the final year ( equal to 20 CFU credits). Students are also allowed to take part in apprenticeships and work experience periods in banks, companies, the public administration and national or international private organizations.

Course details

Degree type
Specialized degree courses
2 years
Degree class
64/S - Postgraduate degree in economic studies
Supervisory body
Collegio didattico di Economia e Commercio (dismesso il 30/09/2018)
Main Department
Macro area
Law and Economics
Subject area