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About public economics: CRIEP
CIDE - Interdepartmental Centre of Economic Documentation
The main aim of CIDE is the organisation of databases which deal with major economic, demographic and social phenomena - both local and national or international - to make them available, also through telematic networks, to the scientific community of Verona University. To this end, the main databases presently made available by various institutions, such as Istat, the Banca d'Italia, the European Community Commission and OCSE, will be collected and arranged so as to be easily accessible even to non-experts. Besides the data availability, the Centre provides advice and software for data processing. The considerable fixed costs and the insignificant variable costs make the availability of such information equal to a public asset, the production of which, obviously, cannot be available to only one individual. Therefore it is necessary to collectively organise this service, so that a large number of persons may benefit with practically no added cost. Even though it may seem obvious, it should be underlined that making available such statistics, which, these days, are indispensable, and without which no analysis, economic or research institution can seriously set about their work, makes not only research but also teaching easier, improving at the same time professional background- something which the recent system reform has revealed to be necessary. In a second phase, the Centre could be made available for conventions with third parties both to make existing data avaiable to them (thus recouping costs) and to set up specific projects of particular interest.
Joint University Centre for Econometrics