Health Economics

This area of research covers topics related to the demand and supply for health services and the analysis of individual health behaviours. A non-exhaustive list of research topics of interest includes: theoretical and empirical analysis of the organisation's efficiency and regulation of health systems; the study of the dynamics of health spending in relation to economic growth and medium-long term sustainability; methodological developments and applications of models for the economic evaluation of health technologies and measures to reduce mortality and disease risks; impact assessment, both from an economic and quality point of view, of health interventions and policies and cost-benefit analysis of health facilities; the economics of the pharmaceutical sector, with particular reference to competitive dynamics and innovation; the multidimensional evaluation of quality of life and health inequalities.
Paola Bertoli
Temporary Assistant Professor
Tamara Fioroni
Associate Professor
Martina Menon
Associate Professor
Cristina Elisa Orso
Research Assistants
Paolo Pertile
Full Professor
Marcella Veronesi
Associate Professor
Research interests
Topic People Description
Health (see  JEL )
JEL I11 - Analysis of Health Care Markets Paola Bertoli
Paolo Pertile
Study of healthcare markets and their reforms, including implications for quality and quantity of services provided.
JEL I12 - Health Production Paola Bertoli
Martina Menon
Cristina Elisa Orso
Marcella Veronesi
Theoretical and empirical economic analysis of demographic phenomena with particular attention to the determinants of the family structure. Study of the temporal evolution of the family structure and relationship with the economic variables.
JEL I14 - Health and Inequality Paola Bertoli
Analysis of the effects of both parental decisions and health interventions on children's and adolescents' inequality in health, and in cognitive and non-cognitive development.
JEL I15 - Health and Economic Development Tamara Fioroni
Analysis of the impact of increasing life expectancy on fertility choices, investment in education and in general on economic development.
JEL I18 - Government Policy; Regulation; Public Health Paola Bertoli
Paolo Pertile
Studies the dynamics of health and pharmaceutical spending. Evaluation of the impact in terms of economic and quality of health interventions policies, with particular reference to incentives for the development of drugs for treatment of orphan diseases. Also covers studies the role of intellectual property rights in the pharmaceutical sector. Analysis of the regulatory instruments of health markets and reimbursement policies.
Title Managers Sponsors Starting date Duration (months)
Health at birth and parental investment decisions Ylenia Brilli Post-doc 4/16/18 36
Efficient and Equitable Regulation for Health Care Innovation: Theory and Evidence Paolo Pertile, Barbara Bonvento borsa di ricerca - assegnato e gestito dal Dipartimento 9/1/17 18
Valutazione della performance e dei costi delle aziende ospedaliero-universitarie italiane: analisi dell'impatto dell'attività di didattica, formazione e ricerca Paolo Pertile, Daniele Crotti Assegno finalizzato - assegnato e gestito dal Dipartimento 9/1/17 12
Analisi empirica della relazione tra regolamentazione dei mercati sanitari e decisioni di investimento in ricerca e sviluppo Paolo Pertile, Simona Gamba Assegno finalizzato - assegnato e gestito dal Dipartimento 3/1/17 24
Efficient and Equitable Regulation for Health Care Innovation: Theory and Evidence Paolo Pertile Ricerca di Base di Ateneo 2015 1/1/17 24
The relationship between female labour force participation and the supply of child care facilities in developing countries Maria Carmela Lo Bue Post-doc 10/15/15 24
Does it promote economy and well-being? The impact of teleworking on environment and labour market outcomes Federico Perali, Eleftherios Giovanis Commissione Europea (Marie Curie fellowship) 6/1/15 24
Qualità della vita e salute: un'analisi multidimensionale Eugenio Peluso, Elisa Pagani Assegno finalizzato - assegnato e gestito dal Dipartimento 7/1/13 36