Information, Knowledge, and Uncertainty

Angelo Zago
Associate Professor
Luca Zarri
Full Professor
Claudio Zoli
Full Professor
Research interests
Topic People Description
JEL D81 - Criteria for Decision-Making under Risk and Uncertainty Claudio Zoli
Theoretical study of decision-making under risk and uncertainty. It includes, also, models of risk measurement, evaluation of the effects of policies and economic choices under uncertain contexts. Multidimensional analysis of individual risk attitudes and its applications in the areas of risk sharing and analysis of the distribution of risks at the social level.
JEL D82 - Asymmetric and Private Information Angelo Zago
Analysis of the functioning of the markets in terms of information asymmetry. Study of the incentives for the disclosure of information by economic agents who are aware of private and useful information for decision-making purposes. Analysis of inefficiencies that may arise due to information asymmetry, and study of associated corrective mechanisms.
JEL D87 - Neuroeconomics Luca Zarri
Design and analysis of neuroscientific laboratory experiments aimed at shedding light on the neural underpinnings of individuals' sense of fairness and willingness to sanction unfair behavior.