Starting date
July 1, 2006
Duration (months)
Managers or local contacts
Sartor Nicola

The research is aimed at running a sample survey among migrants living in the Verona district.
The sample survey is based on an ad-hoc questionnaire to be submitted by interviewer with special
training on intercultural relationships (interviewers will be coordinated by CESTIM, a local
Research center on migration). This sample survey can be considered also as a preliminary study
likely to be applied to other Italian districts. As for this point it is worth mentioning that the
scientific coordinator regularly interacts with ISAE (the main public institute for economic analysis
and research based in Rome). ISAE is currently considering the possibility of running the same
survey in Rome.
The questionnaire is divided into 3 sections. The first one is aimed at assessing the general
characteristics of the migrant (country of origin, family and working status, education, etc.); the
second one is aimed at estimating takeup ratios for public benefits, the use of public services and
the fiscal position; The third one is aimed at assessing the use of payment instruments and financial
services, borrowing needs and transfers to native country. The questionnaire will be prepared in
such a way to maximise the possibility of comparing replies to the ones already available for native
Italians (mainly SHIW and “multiscopo” sample surveys run by the Central statistical office).

Project participants

Veronica Polin
Associate Professor
Nicola Sartor
Professore onorario