State and Local Government ; Intergovernmental Relations

Paola Bertoli
Associate Professor
Emanuele Bracco
Associate Professor
Nicola Sartor
Professore onorario
Research interests
Topic People Description
JEL H71 - State and Local Taxation, Subsidies, and Revenue Nicola Sartor
Analysis of personal income taxation with focus on equity and efficiency issues, redistributive impacts and revenue effects of policy reforms.
JEL H75 - State and Local Government: Health; Education; Welfare; Public Pensions Paola Bertoli
Analysis of structure and reforms of central and local public expenditures for health, education and social protection
JEL H77 - Intergovernmental Relations; Federalism; Secession Emanuele Bracco
The study focuses on taxation and expenditure choices by local governments, local government funding decisions by central governments, and the assignment of tasks and fiscal powers to each tier of government. The theoretical analysis is mostly based on mathematical models, and agency models in particular, while the empirical analysis relies on microeconometrics techniques and the use of panel data.