Enviromental Economics, Energy Economics, Sustainability and Development

This area of research focuses on the environmental sustainability of economic activities and environmental policies, the economic aspects of a rational management of urban and rural areas, the impact of renewable energy on the economic context and the rational exploitation of exhaustible and renewable natural resources. Some examples of topics covered in this research area include: the design of environmental policy instruments such as the payments for environmental services; the provision of local public goods and services, and their impact on quality of life, "resilience" and social cohesion at the urban level; the relationship between renewable energy, growth and imports; the study of the economic convenience of the introduction of electricity storage instruments to level out the production peaks deriving from the development of alternative energy sources; the evaluation of non-market assets, environmental damage and the benefits of environmental programmes in terms of ecological and biological risk reduction linked to human health; the effects of climate change on human behaviour and productivity in the agriculture sector both in developed and developing countries; waste management: that is the study of the effect of different methods of collection and pricing of the service on the disposal of solid urban waste; the drafting of environmental budgets.
Francesco Andreoli
Associate Professor
Alessandro Bucciol
Full Professor
Maria Flora
Research Assistants
Roberto Ricciuti
Associate Professor
Marcella Veronesi
Associate Professor
Angelo Zago
Associate Professor
Research interests
Topic People Description
Agriculture (see  JEL classification)
JEL Q13 - Agricultural Markets and Marketing;Cooperatives;Agribusiness Angelo Zago
We analyze the behavior and economic performance of cooperatives for processing and marketing of agri-food products. We investigate the relationships of cooperatives with their partners, competitors, customers, and suppliers, studying their economic effects in terms of profitability and investments.
Energy (see  JEL classification)
JEL Q42 - Alternative Energy Sources Marcella Veronesi
Analysis of the determinants of renewable energy adoption by households and of the effect of residential energy prices on households' behaviour.
JEL Q47 - Energy Forecasting Maria Flora
Forecasting energy prices by the estimation of models which capture possible non-linear time evolution of prices.
Environmental Economics (see  JEL classification)
JEL Q53 - Air Pollution; Water Pollution; Noise; Hazardous Waste; Solid Waste; Recycling Alessandro Bucciol
Evaluation of the efficacy of different types of incentives meant to promote sorting of urban solid waste.
JEL Q54 - Climate; Natural Disasters; Global Warming Marcella Veronesi
Analysis of the determinants of households' and farmers' climate change adaptation; analysis of how climate change adaptation affects households' and farmers' well-being and productivity. Analysis of the impact of natural disasters on migration.
Nonrenewable Resources and Conservation (see  JEL classification)
JEL Q34 - Natural Resources and Domestic and International Conflicts Roberto Ricciuti
Analysis of the economic (growth) and political (democracy, coups) effects of natural resources and of the tools that can improve their use.
Household Analysis (see  JEL classification)
JEL R23 - Regional Migration; Regional Labor Markets; Population; Neighborhood Characteristics Francesco Andreoli
This research area studies the impact of migration both from the economic and social perspective. We analyze the effects of immigration on productivity, on firms' decisions and on income distribution. From the point of view of urban economics, neighborhood effects, residential segregation and the sorting mechanisms of families are studied.
Title Managers Sponsors Starting date Duration (months)
Conferenza regionale dell'agricoltura e dello sviluppo rurale nel Veneto Federico Perali, Maikol Furlani Assegno finalizzato - assegnato e gestito dal Dipartimento 1/1/19 18
Cross-border electricity trading Maria Flora Post-doc 1/1/19 36
Un territorio in crescita. Il consorzio ZAI e lo sviluppo di Verona (1948-2018) Maria Luisa Ferrari, Riccardo Cella borsa di ricerca - assegnato e gestito dal Dipartimento 11/5/18 5
R/A - Valutazione dell'impatto sociale dell'impresa Eugenio Peluso, Edoardo Fassina borsa di ricerca - assegnato e gestito dal Dipartimento 10/1/18 10
R/A – Assessment per la valutazione d’impatto sociale delle imprese Eugenio Peluso, Michele Bertani Assegno finalizzato - assegnato e gestito dal Dipartimento 6/20/18 12
Il distretto della meccatronica vicentina Emanuela Bullado, Roberto Ricciuti borsa di ricerca - assegnato e gestito dal Dipartimento 9/4/17 10
Identity and recognition: A possible key to understanding the phenomenon of homelessness? Veronica Polin borsa di ricerca - assegnato e gestito dal Dipartimento 3/1/16 5
Economia smart di villaggio legata alla produzione del riso in Sierra Leone Federico Perali, Maikol Furlani Assegno finalizzato - assegnato e gestito dal Dipartimento 2/1/15 12
Verso i Magazzini Maria Luisa Ferrari Ordine Architetti P.P.C. della provincia di Verona 1/1/14 36
Assegno FSE: GENTE (Il simulatore dinamico dell'economia veneta) - Analisi Macro economica di pianificazione attraverso l’utilizzo della matrice di contabilità sociale regionale e della provincia di Verona Federico Perali, Michela Sironi Regione Veneto FSE 5/16/11 12