Brown Bag Seminar: Efficiency of Cooperation in Competitive Environments

Relatore:  Alessandro Barbazeni - Universirty of Verona
  martedì 5 dicembre 2023 alle ore 12.00 Online Webinar

This study investigates how exposure to various competitive experiences influences efficiency. Comparative payment schemes prime individuals with competitive norms, reducing their willingness to cooperate (Buser and Dreber, 2016). Replicating the observed effect of competition on cooperation, we explore strategies to mitigate competition's priming impact on efficiency. Participants engage in a public good game following a simple real effort task. In the donation treatment, competition winners decide whether to contribute a fixed percentage of their prize to charity, with losers informed about the donation outcome. The framing treatment informs participants that the preceding competition aimed to enhance efficiency. We expect both donation and efficiency-oriented information to significantly reduce primes in social dilemma decisions.

Maurizio Malpede

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Data pubblicazione
28 novembre 2023