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JEL C91 - Laboratory, Individual Behavior Design and analysis of laboratory experiments to study heterogeneity of individual behaviors, both in conditions of certainty and uncertainty and in cases involving risk. These experiments help to develop models with greater explanatory and forecasting power compared to those formulated by traditional economic theory. Economia comportamentale e sperimentale
Mathematical and Quantitative Methods C9 - Design of Experiments
JEL C93 - Field Experiments Evaluation and study of the impact and causal effects of policy interventions or projects through field experiments. Focus, in particular,  on the studies related to the evaluation of how information can affect the demand and willingness to pay for fair trade products, on the adoption of renewable energy and on the propensity to vaccinate. Study of the effects of language on economic decisions and on the adoption of cooperative behavior. Evaluation of the effects of incentive schemes in the context of health and environmental policies. Economia comportamentale e sperimentale
Mathematical and Quantitative Methods C9 - Design of Experiments
JEL D91 - Role and Effects of Psychological, Emotional, Social, and Cognitive Factors on Decision Making Cover studies about the role of emotional, psychological, social or cognitive factors on individual choices, also using laboratory experiments. Also studies the consequences of traumatic events on economic behavior (in particular the attitude towards risk) both in the short and in the long term; deception and dishonest behavior; self-control problems. Study of the economic policy impacts of psychological and behavioral aspects in the context of consumption choices, pension savings and investment in education Economia comportamentale e sperimentale
Microeconomics D9 - Micro-Based Behavioral Economics
JEL L24 - Contracting Out; Joint Ventures; Technology Licensing Economia industriale
Industrial Organization - Firm Objectives, Organization, and Behavior
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Promuovere l'istruzione STEM attraverso un approcio di economia comportamentale 11/1/17

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