Advanced Excel Laboratory (Verona) (2017/2018)

Learning outcomes

The course "Advanced Excel Laboratory" is an optional "type f" activity, which allows the students to obtain 3 CFU, once a final examination is passed. The course is open to all students in Economics and Business Administration. In particular:

- The course is intended preferably, but not only, for third year students.

- The frequency to the classes is compulsory. Students are required to attend at least 2/3 of the exercise lessons/tutorial activity in order to be admitted to the final evaluation.

The course consists of 18 hours of exercise lessons and tutorial activity (plus 2 hours of final examination) in computer laboratory (50 seats). There will be two courses, one in the first semester and another one in the second semester. The tentative calendar of the course of the first semester is the following:

Friday 20 October 2017, hours 14:00-17:30, room LAB.SMS.4;
Friday 3 November 2017, hours 14:00-17:30, room LAB.SMS.4;
Friday 24 November 2017, hours 14:00-17:30, room LAB.SMS.4;
Friday 8 December 2017, hours 14:00-17:30, room LAB.SMS.4;
Friday 22 December 2017, hours 14:00-17:30, room LAB.SMS.4;
Friday 12 January 2018, hours 14:00-17:30, room LAB.SMS.4.

Tutor (first semester): dott. Filippo Biolcati

Requests for participation will be considered following the registration order.

For the course of the first semester, it is possible to register from the 1st of October 2017 to the 12th of October 2017.

For the course of the second semester, it is possible to register from the 26th of November 2017 to the 19th of February 2018.

Please, register through the elearning platform.


The program of the course will start with an introduction to Excel and its main functions. Then, some of the topics encountered in Mathematics and Statistics courses will be considered, as for example, matrix algebra, optimization and interpolation. The course aims at improving the computational skills of the students and at providing instruments useful for the subsequent thesis work. The activity will allow to improve the knowledge of Excel, a software which is highly requested in the job market.

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Assessment methods and criteria

The final examination will consist in a written exam, with an oral examination if necessary.

Statistics about transparency requirements (Attuazione Art. 2 del D.M. 31/10/2007, n. 544)

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