Economic Policy (2007/2008)

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Federico Perali
Teaching is organised as follows:
Unit Credits Academic sector Period Academic staff
Lezione 4 SECS-P/02-ECONOMIC POLICY 1° sem lez Federico Perali
Esercitazione 1 SECS-P/02-ECONOMIC POLICY 1° sem lez Federico Perali

Learning outcomes

The course introduces the student to the analytical basis necessary to understand the static and dynamic behaviour of agents, firms, and markets under conditions of both perfect and imperfect competition. The students are required to undertake an intense activity of exercises applied to real cases to be developed both using the pencil and the computer in order to favor a learning-by-doing approach. The course is also offered as an e-learning course:


Course Structure
Class lectures and exercises

Assessment methods and criteria

Written examination and evaluation of class-work