Master's degree in International Economics and Business Management

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How to enroll

Entry requirements for non-Eu students
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Are you a student from a non-Eu country? To pre-enrol and apply for scholarships you must submit your application by 15 April 2019.

Admission Requirements

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree (in Italian: Laurea Triennale) obtained by 31 December 2019;

With a minimum final grade of: 95/110 or above;

Language requirements: an adequate knowledge of spoken and written English (at least European B1 level) is required.

Curriculum: applicants must meet the following subject requirements:
- Economics: 20 CFU (or ECTS)
- Business: 15 CFU (or ECTS)
- Law: 15 CFU (or ECTS)
- Mathematics and/or Statistics: 10 CFU (or ECTS)

(A tolerance of up to 10% for one or more groups of subjects is allowed, provided the minimum of overall 60 CFU is satisfied.)

Applicants who do not hold a Bachelor’s degree and/or fail to meet language and curriculum requirements will not be allowed to enrol. Applicants whose Bachelor’s final grade is below 95/110 will still be able to enrol upon prior approval by the Selection Committee.