Summer School 2017 in Economics and Finance

  from 7/17/17 to 7/21/17.
Alba di Canazei
Starting from basic notions of linear algebra and calculus the course will provide a description of the structure and properties of several nonlinear economic, financial and social systems evolving with time as well as qualitative properties, such as existence of equilibrium situations, stability and bifurcations, as well as the occurrence of deterministic chaos

Main lecturers
Gian Italo Bischi,  DESP-Department of Economics, Society,Politics, University of Urbino, Italy      E-mail: 
Fabio Tramontana, Department of Mathematical Disciplines, Mathematical Finance and Econometrics, Catholic University of Milan, Milano, Italy    E-mail:
Frank Westerhoff, Department of Economics, University of Bamberg, Germany      E-mail: 

Additional lecturers 
Fabio Lamantia,     Department of Economics, Statistics and Finance, University of Calabria, Italy      E-mail: 
Anastasiia Panchuk, Institute of Mathematics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev,  Ukraine                               E-mail:
Davide Radi,            Carlo Cattaneo-LIUC University, Castellanza, Italy         E-mail:
We gratefully acknowledge the collaboration of the SICC (Italian Society for Chaos and Complexity)
It is recommended to arrive at Alba di Canazei by Sunday, July 16, given that the activities begin at 9 am on Monday 17 

General informations
The summer school is intended for PhD students, post-docs, junior and senior faculty members, in Applied Mathematics, Economics, Finance, Statistics, Engineering.
The school is also addressed to professionals working on the analysis and modeling of time evolving complex systems in economics, finance and environment.

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