Master’s degrees (no longer running)

Courses not currently running

Master’s degree in Corporate Economics and International Markets (Vicenza) Course partially running (all years except the first)

The Master Degree in Economics of International Markets and Firms is designed for postgraduate students willing to improve their knowledge and acquire expertise in the fields of international businesses and economics. The Master builds on a balanced syllabus of teachings in economics, business, law and mathematics with special attention to their international bearings.
Lecturing is held at the Vicenza branch of the University of Verona and is framed in such a way as to provide comprehensive analytical learning and specific skills demanded by a large number of exporting firms whose headquarters are located in Italy.
The first year of the Master programme focuses primarily on international trade and international macroeconomics, while also discussing in depth some substantive features of business management and international marketing. Complementary courses in international law, finance and mathematics complete the first year programme.
Second year teaching concentrates on the management of globalized firms.
The students are encouraged to improve their knowledge of the English language. Both the reading lists and front lectures make an extensive use of English.
The successful completion of the Master programme will enable students to acquire managerial skills necessary to firms engaged in the international arena.

In the academic years 2012/2013 and 2013/2014 part of the courses will be taught in English language



Master's degree in Applied Economics Course not running
The Specilaized Degree course in Applied Economics aims to train graduates with diversified skills, who can work autonomously and analytically in order to solve emerging or sub-optimum social problems in a company, a market, an institution or a context of local development: knowing how to apply constructively the knowledge acquired of research theories and methods in the main fields of applied economics.
Master's degree in Banking and Insurance Economics Course not running
This specialized degree course will be running from the academic year 2004/2005. The course aims to provide students with an in depth educational background on the management techniques and logistics which are necessary for lucid operation in the contexts of company finance, on the financial markets and as banking and insurance intermediaries.
Master's degree in Economics and Commerce (category 64/S) (until 2008-2009) Course not running
In the academic year 2007-08 at the end of the three-year study cycle of Economics and Business Studies a specialized degree course in Economics and Business Studies will start.
This study course provides the completing phase for the three-year study course of the same name in "Economics and Business Studies", and will enable students to furhter their knowledge and develop further skills in two different specializations: company management and Economics and Finance. To this end, the course aims to train students to develop a good command of mathematical-statistical tools; of the principles and institutions of the national and community legal systems; to develop a high level of knowledge of company and economic analysis and of economic and company policy.
The "Economic-financial" curriculum will further develop students' knowledge of economic theories, analytical and quantitative and analytical methodologies for understanding the national and international economic and financial phenomena enabling graduates to elaborate interpretative models of the actual contexts he or she has observed.
The "Company management" curriculum further develops the skilled use of analytical tools for interpreting company phenomena and for identifying development strategies; in addition, it provides further knowledge on legal institutions which is essential for governing companies.
The specialzed knowledge is further developed along lines chosen by each individual student in a final dissertation, which will be a third of the work required in the final year ( equal to 20 CFU credits). Students are also allowed to take part in apprenticeships and work experience periods in banks, companies, the public administration and national or international private organizations.
Master's degree in International Economics (category 64/S) (until 2008-2009) Course not running
This Specialized degree course in International Economics aims was started in the academic year 2004/2005. The course to train graduates with diversified skills, who can work autonomously and analytically in order to solve the typical problems that arise in multi-national companies,or in a small to medium-sized company which is about to be internationlized: knowing how to apply the knowledge acquired of research theories and methods in the main fields of international market economics.
Master's degree in Quantitative Methods for Finance (until 2008-2009) Course not running
The Specialized Degree course in Quantitative Methods for Finance aims to train highly skilled graduates in the field of methodology and mathematical-statistical tools in common use in the financial market work. The course aims to develop, in particular detail, the skills of proposing and applying innovative quantitative methodologies and tools in financial and insurance contexts emphasizing in particular the IT component.
Masters in Applied Economics (cat. 64/S) Course not running
This degree was replaced in 2004-2005 by the new Masters in Applied Economics.
Specialised Degree in the Economics of banks and financial markets Course not running
Specialized Degree in Quantitative Methods for Finance ( Cat. 91/S) Course not running
This degree course will not be run in the academic year 2004-2005, but its place will be taken by a specialized Degree in Quantitative Methods for Finance. Only the 2nd year will be run.

Master's degree in Corporate Law and Economics (until 2008-2009) Course not running
The Specialized degree course in Company Economics and Legislation aims to train two types of operator who will later be involved in, respectively, professional and company work. The freelance operator ( accountancy graduates) will be able to further and complete his or her studies from a specialized viewpoint, by means of a study course which is designed to ensure further knowledge of company economics, statistical mathematics and the law. In this way they will develop the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to work freelance in this economic context.
Master's degree in Marketing and Communication (until 2008-2009) Course not running
The course aims to train professionals who will be able to work in private and public companies in the field of Marketing and internal communications, both from the point of view of strategy and active work.
Specialized Degree in Marketing and Communication ( Cat. 68/S) Course not running
This degree course will not be run in the academic year 2004-2005, but its place will be taken by a specialized Degree in Marketing and Communication. Only the 2nd year will be run.

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