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Advanced/Professional development course in Conflict analysis, management and resolution Course not running
The course aims to fill a gap that currently exists in Italian higher education, which rarely offers well-structured, compact courses dedicated to conflict resolution. Focusing on situations ideal for highlighting controversies related to available rights, this course is situated at the intersection of several disciplines - economic analysis, game theory, logic and legal methodology, concepts of substantive and procedural private law, debate and reasoning, psychology, personality analysis and behavioural analysis. Knowing that the conflict, especially when it leads to legal disputes, can waste a large amount of time and resources as well as harm relationships, this course aims to provide course participants with theoretical knowledge and practical skills for conflict analysis and management that will enable them to search for suitable solutions supported by all the parties involved. This is particularly topical in Italy, where know very well how much the high costs of ordinary justice, in terms of time and money, have negative consequences both for the protection of rights and claims as well as the country's ability to attract investments and protect its national resources.
Advanced/Professional Development course in Cost & Revenue Course not running
Advanced/Professional Development course in Cost & Revenue Management Course not running
Advanced/Professional Development course in Management by Projects Course not running
Advanced/Professional development course in Project Management: From plan to business Course not running
This advanced course brings together university study and the business world, with the goal of filling the need for innovative, high-level training regarding the planning, management and control of complex processes. It focuses mainly on Project Management, defined as the "application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to plan projects in order to meet requirements" (PMBoK 5th ed.). Particularly relevant for work environments that operate on a contract or project basis, the course provides participants with useful knowledge and reliable practical tools for improving performance and success in managing and coordinating projects. This advanced course would be useful in building and developing managerial skills, such as contract management and project control, for people who already have relevant technical and professional knowledge through their particular studies and/or work experience. See also the website
Advanced/Professional Development course in Project Management (Level 1 basics) Course not running
Advanced/Professional Development course in Risk & Contracts Course not running
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