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Bachelor's degree in Economics and Commerce (Verona)
Bachelor's degree in Economics and Commerce (Vicenza)
Bachelor's degree in Business Administration (Verona)

Head of the Course: Prof. Angela Broglia The course aims to prepare graduates with the ability to deal rigorously with economic issues, in particular those related to the structure and dynamics of a company, so as to be able to interpret and critically analyse business phenomena. With this aim in mind the course recognises the need to integrate general principals in the field of economics with an in depth study of important areas of business by way of two consecutive stages: - the first two years are marked by a balanced study of a number of disciplines: general economics, business economics, law, mathematics and statistics, in accordance with the didactic tradition of the Faculty of Economics, which is aimed at giving a solid foundation to graduates so as to offer them the opportunity to continue with their studies in any desired direction within the Faculty of Economics; - the third year focuses on an in-depth study of the activities of all forms of businesses with regard to specific business functions as well as the study of topics concerning law, mathematics and economics as related to the operations of businesses. The mission of the undergraduate course in Business Economics, beyond preparing students to pursue post-graduate courses (in particular those dedicated to business economics), is to offer students employment opportunities with companies in Verona and elsewhere or working as free-lance professionals with particular attention paid to administration and accounting.

Bachelor's degree in Business Administration (Vicenza)
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