Master's degree in International Economics and Business Management



The two year Master's degree in International Economics and Business Management  is entirely taught in English and has the goal to train post-graduate students in fields such as International economics, international business management and international law. Mathematical techniques for optimizing firms management are also covered.
The Master Degree is open to undergraduate students with a background in economics who are interested in the international dimension of economic activity both at the firm level and from a macro perspective. Students’ active participation in classroom seminars and project works is strongly encouraged and every year several foreign teachers are invited to give lectures on special parts of the Master Programme courses.
Main topics of the Master courses are causes and consequences of international trade, the relationship between trade and development, the macroeconomic dynamic of open economies and international financial markets, international marketing and logistic, the management of groups and networks of internationalized companies, reporting and cost accounting, international and European law, international business law.
Upon completion of the Master Programme, students will be able to understand the dynamics of the international economy, and trade, analyse the evolution of foreign markets and manage the operations of companies and firms actively engaged in international trade

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Postgraduate and Master's programmes
2 years
LM-56 - Classe delle lauree magistrali in scienze dell'economia
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Collegio didattico di International economics and business management
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Angelo Zago
Didattica e Studenti Economia
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