Master’s degree in International Economics and Business

Laurea magistrale in International Economics and Business
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Course curriculum: training activities divided by year of enrollment
Year Credits TTA Activity Academic year of attendance
B Group accounting and performance (SECS-P/07) 2020/2021
B International Economic Policy (SECS-P/02) 2020/2021
B International Economics (SECS-P/01) 2020/2021
B International financial modelling - Modelli di finanza internazionale (SECS-S/06) 2020/2021
B International Law (IUS/13) 2020/2021
B International logistics and marketing management (SECS-P/08) 2020/2021
B Quantitative methods for international markets - Metodi Quantitativi per i Mercati Internazionali (SECS-P/05) 2020/2021
18  C
2 modules among the following:
Available modules Credits Academic year of attendance
International Trade and Economic Development (SECS-P/02) 9 2021/2022
Economics of incentives and motivation (SECS-P/01) 9 2021/2022
Export decisions, fdi, and global value chains (SECS-P/01) 9 2021/2022
Statistical analysis for international business (SECS-S/03) 9 2021/2022
1 module between the following:
Available modules Credits Academic year of attendance
Reporting and cost accounting (SECS-P/07) 6 2021/2022
International business and governance (SECS-P/07) 6 2021/2022
B International business law (IUS/04) 2021/2022
1° 2° D Activities chosen by the student  
1° 2° F Further language skills  
F Stage  
12  E Final exam  

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A Basic activities
B Characterizing activities
C Related or complementary activities

DActivities to be chosen by the student
EFinal examination
FOther activitites

SPlacements in companies, public or private institutions and professional associations

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