Business management (2020/2021)

Course code
Name of lecturers
Elena Giaretta, Virginia Vannucci
Elena Giaretta
Number of ECTS credits allocated
Academic sector
Language of instruction
secondo semestre (lauree) dal Feb 15, 2021 al Jun 1, 2021.

Lesson timetable

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Learning outcomes

Within a general framework of consonant relationships among the company and its environment, this course aims at introducing students to the topics of business management and decision-making in order to increase firm's competitiveness. More in detail, it aims at delivering students the main concepts of company and management, company functions and decisions criteria and logic, not only in theoretical terms but also in terms of practical implications. By completion of the course, students will have the key-concepts needed to understand firm’s behavior and functioning; moreover, they will be able to devise relevant strategies both at company function level and at a company as a whole level.


The company’s concept
Good, services and experiences
The company’s goals
Vision, mission and values
The company’s functions
The company and its environment
Corporate social responsibility
The factors of production
The entrepreneur and the birth of the company
The function of production and the choices of integration and decentralization of production
The organizational structure and the management of the staff
Innovation and corporate creativity
Corporate decision-making processes
The business plan
The methods of economic convenience
The methods for the analysis of the economic convenience of industrial investments
The problems of operational comparison
Business strategies
Company and marketplace in a historical perspective
In-store customer shopping experience and the challenges of retailer between physical and digital space

The individual reception service is available throughout the academic year. It is managed by the teacher on the web pages and constantly updated.

Reference books

1. Claudio Baccarani, Federico Brunetti, Elena Giaretta (a cura di), Impresa e management tra competitività e progresso, Giappichelli, Torino, 2015.
2. Elena Giaretta, Piccola impresa e trasferimento tecnologico. I “tessitori” dell’innovazione, Giappichelli, Torino, 2013..

The content of the textbooks, as well as the lessons and exercises, is part of the program. Further in-depth educational material is available during the semester of lesson on the e-learning platform.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Claudio Baccarani, Federico Brunetti, Elena Giaretta (a cura di) Impresa e management tra competitività e progresso (Edizione 2) Giappichelli 2015 9788834859384
Giaretta Elena Piccola impresa e trasferimento tecnologico. I tessitori dell'innovazione Giappichelli 2013

Assessment methods and criteria

The teaching methods and assessment of learning will be illustrated as soon as there will be more information on the context rules necessary to resolve the provision of teaching in the next academic year.
Students are advised to take the Business Management teaching and examination after having acquired the specific skills of the Business administration teaching.

The mid-term exam is not foreseen for this course.

Given that the teaching of Business Management is a basic course, very rich in concepts and basic exercises, this teaching is not recommended for Erasmus students.