Health Economics (2023/2024)

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Paolo Pertile, Catia Nicodemo
Paolo Pertile
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Anno accademico 2023/2024 Dottorato di Ricerca dal Oct 1, 2023 al Sep 30, 2024.

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Learning outcomes

This course provides an introduction to health economics, the application of economic theory and empirical analysis to problems in the public health and healthcare sector. We will examine how the tools of economics can be used to analyse issues such as health-related behaviours, the efficiency of health care provision and the role of asymmetric information.
By the end of this course, students will be able to:
understand fundamental economic concepts of supply, demand, and markets as they apply to healthcare; evaluate health policies through modern tools for the economic analysis.
This course focuses on real-world application of health economics. Students will develop the core skills needed to critically examine problems and contribute evidence to improve population health outcomes, system performance, and economic efficiency.


Demand for health and healthcare
Health Behaviors
Regulation and competition in the provision of healthcare service
The role of physicians

Reference books

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Assessment methods and criteria

Individual or group presentations: Students will prepare presentations on assigned topics to demonstrate understanding and analysis skills to the instructor and their classmates. Presentations may be mid-term or at the end of the course.
Written assignments: Students will complete short essays or response papers during the course to analyze cases, answer questions that assess learning, or summarize research. These allow the instructor to evaluate writing abilities.