Economic Policy (domestic and international) (2008/2009)

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Giovanni Tondini
Teaching is organised as follows:
Unit Credits Academic sector Period Academic staff
1 - lezione 5 SECS-P/02-ECONOMIC POLICY Secondo semestre Riccardo Fiorentini
2 - lezione 5 SECS-P/02-ECONOMIC POLICY Secondo semestre Giovanni Tondini

Learning outcomes

Module: 1 - lezione

Aim of the course is:
1) To give students the theoretical instruments needed to understand the general equilibrium effects of protectionism
2) To analyze the short and lon run equilibrium in the foreign exchan ge market and its relationship with monetary and fiscal policies
3) To study the link between external macro-economic equilibrium and internationl institutions

Module: 2 - lezione
Lecture 1:
In particular in this part of the course we start from the illustration of the constitutive elements of economic policy to guide the student to understand models and normative analysis.
Then we tackle the reasons for state intervention in the economy and the forms this intervention can take, with focus on the implementation of the economic policies.
The monographic part is focused on a some themes concerning the processes of accumulation and distribution of income and wealth.


Module: 1 - lezione
The balance of payment
The intruments of trade policy
The free trade vs protectionism debate
The trade policy of less developed countries
Foreign exchange rate market and national economic policy
Feoreign exchange rate regimes and economic interdependence

Krugman-Obstfeld, Economia internazionale, 4 ed, Pearson 2007:
vol 1: cap. 8-9
vol 2: cap. 2-7,9,10

Module: 2 - lezione

Assessment methods and criteria

Module: 1 - lezione
Written exam and possible successive oral exam in support of the written examination

Module: 2 - lezione
Written exam with open questions and possible successive oral exam in support of the written examination.