Dottorato in Economia e Management (ultimo ciclo attivato 36° - a.a. 2020-2021)

Corso a esaurimento (attivi gli anni successivi al primo)


All activities run in english.

The University of Verona opens the public selection for the admission to Ph.D. Programs, XXXVI cycle, Academic Year 2020-2021. Applications must be submitted exclusively online, through the appropriate service available here.
The Coordinator is Prof. Roberto Ricciuti:
For more details about the structure and goals of the four years, please see the information below.
A typical first year has three terms. The first two terms include core courses, with the first term taking place at the University of Verona, and the second term at the University of Padua. The third term offers electives intensive courses in each institution. Exam sessions are scheduled at the end of each term: i.e.: December, March, and June. There are two curricula, one in Economics and another in Management, some courses are in common, others belong to the single curriculum. Students are encouraged to attend summer schools in their subjects of election during the summer months. At the end of the first year students have to submit a “summer paper”, which ideally is the first building block of their dissertation. The paper is written under the supervision of a professor.
Second-year students are assigned a supervisor and start working on their dissertations. They often leave for a period of research and study in a foreign institution. The choice of the institution where students spend their time abroad is made by the School, and it is based on students' input and on the relative rankings. Over the four years, students must spend at least six months abroad.
In the third year, students are also entirely devoted to their doctoral thesis, under the supervision of their advisors, and participation in the activities (seminars etc.) organised by their department of affiliation. The fourth year goes in the same way, and students must finalize their dissertation.
Participation in international workshops and conferences is recommended and financially supported.
COURSES I YEAR at University of Verona

I TERM October - December 2020
Game Theory
Statistics (only for Management)
Organization and Management Theories (only for Management)
Software R (optional)

II TERM January - February at University of Padua
- Microeconomics II
- Econometrics
- Macroeconomics II
Econometrics for Management (only for Management)
- Financial Accounting (only for Management)
- Strategic Management (only for in Management)

III TERM March - May 2021
Behavioral and Experimental Economics (for Economics)
Development Economics (for Economics)
Finance (for Economics)
Inequality (for Economics)
Political Economy (for Economics)
Corporate Governance (for Management)
Qualitative Methodologies for Management studies (for Management)
- Quantitative Methodologies for Management studies (for Management)
Supply Chain Management (for Management)

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