Ph.D. in Economics and Finance


The PhD course in Economics and Finance aims at acquiring qualitative and quantitative scientific research methods according to rigorous international standards. At the end of the program, PhD graduates are expected to hold the necessary tools to successfully undertake research activities at an advanced level in the economic and financial field at universities, research institutes, consulting firms, public and private companies of medium-large size. In general, PhD graduates – trained in a highly interdisciplinary context and therefore characterized by flexibility and transversal skills – are able to fill job positions in which study and analytical skills and the development and application of forecasting models are relevant.

The program is divided into four years. In the first year students are required to attend classes, held in collaboration with the Department of Economics and Management “Marco Fanno” at the University of Padua, both compulsory on general topics and optional on more specific topics. At the end of the first year, students are asked to prepare a “summer paper”, which ideally represents the building block of their thesis. In the following three years students are mainly devoted to research activities under the supervision of one professor of the Department of Economics. In this phase a period of study and research in a foreign university or research institute is required for not less than six months. Participation in conferences and summer schools is also encouraged and financially supported. The activity of the students is monitored regularly, through individual interviews with the coordinator and seminar activities in which the students get used to the presentation and public discussion of their research topics.

Course details

Degree type
4 years
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DOTTORATI - PHD – PhD programmes (university)
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Collegio dei Docenti del Dottorato in Economia e Management A.A. 2020/2021
Alessandro Bucciol
Segreteria Scuola di Dottorato - Area Scienze Giuridiche ed Economiche
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Law and Economics
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