PhD in Economics and Finance (last intake in 2013)

Course partially running (all years except the first)

Demographic Economics

settembre 2012 - dicembre 2012

Academic staff
Giam Pietro Cipriani , Tamara Fioroni , Nicola Sartor , Alessandro Sommacal

Series to which this belongs

27 - GSEM


 This course explores topics in population studies from an economic perspective. Core demographic 

variables are both consequences and determinants of economic factors. We will use economic 
theory to understand some of the most relevant relationships between economics and demography. 
The following topics are covered: 
1) Fertility, mortality and growth (Prof. Giam Pietro Cipriani) 
2) Human capital, health and growth (Dr Tamara Fioroni) 
3) Demographic change, public debt and intergenerational equity (Prof. Nicola Sartor) 
4) Child care policies, taxation and female labour supply (Dr Alessandro Sommacal) 
There is no single textbook for this course. A reading list will be provided at the beginning of the 
Durata corso: 32 ore
Cipriani Giam Pietro: 8 ore;
Sartor Nicola: 8 ore;
Sommacal Alessandro: 8 ore;
Fioroni Tamara: 8 ore