Macroeconomics I (2023/2024)

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cod wi: DT000260
Name of lecturers
Alessia Campolmi, Tamara Fioroni
Alessia Campolmi
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Anno accademico 2023/2024 Dottorato di Ricerca dal Oct 1, 2023 al Sep 30, 2024.

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Learning outcomes

The course aims at providing students with basic background in the field of graduate macroeconomics. The focus will be on real and monetary models of the business cycle as well as long-run growth. The learning outcomes of the course are: understanding of the general framework used to study macro issues in modern macro; development of technical skills that enable students to critically evaluate core papers in the field; development of skills that enable students to take more advanced, topic-specific, macro courses.


Part 1 – Long-Run Growth
12 hours – Lecturer: Tamara Fioroni
- Questions and evidence
- The Solow growth model
- Overlapping Generations model
Part 2 – Real Business Cycle (RBC)
8 hours – Lecturer: Alessia Campolmi
- Empirical evidence on business cycle.
- Different types of macro models: What they are used for, weaknesses and strength.
- The basic version of the models we will focus on in this course: Ramsey model.
- Common extensions
Part 3 – Monetary Business Cycle
10 hours – Lecturer: Alessia Campolmi
- Empirical evidence on price rigidity.
- Different types of monetary macro models.
- The basic version of the model we will focus on: New Keynesian model.
- Common extensions.

Reference books

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Assessment methods and criteria

1h30 Written exam