Master’s degree in Banking and Finance


Course Correspondent: prof. Roberto Renò

The primary objective of the master’s degree in Banking and Finance is to provide the student with specific skills to understand the management peculiarities, operational characteristics and evolutionary dynamics that characterize both intermediaries and financial markets. 
The student’s education is also aimed at ensuring an interdisciplinary approach (business, economic, quantitative and legal) to the issues of financial intermediation. 
Particularly important will be to equip the graduate with a solid conceptual basis and methodological rigor that will enable him to understand the issues of the industry and to propose appropriate and innovative solutions in strongly dynamic contexts. 
The course also intends to develop the ability to propose and apply mathematical-statistical methodologies and innovative tools in financial and insurance fields and to enhance the IT component.
The provided preparation, the methodological rigor delivered and the analysis and synthesis skills acquired in the characterizing subjects must enable the graduate to adequately address the path of scientific research applied in business-quantitative disciplines, with a financially distinct Universities, both in research centers established with international bodies and supervisors.
The training course is articulated in a first common year followed by a second year which allows you to differentiate your master's degree in two curricula. In this logic, the first year is devoted to basic lessons, which mainly concern financial instruments and markets in their economic, managerial, legal and quantitative dimensions. The second year, however, provides for the curriculum devoted to financial intermediation management to deepen the management logic of credit and insurance intermediaries, while for the curriculum dedicated to quantitative finance the mathematical and statistical aspects of pricing of derivative instruments and of financial and insurance risk management  are privileged.

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Postgraduate and Master's programmes
2 years
LM-16 - Classe delle lauree magistrali in finanza
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Collegio didattico di Economia e Commercio
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